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Deliberation of Sozavo bond canceled after minister’s meeting

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Rust teruggekeerd binnen Esther Stichting

Minister Uraiqit Ramsaran van Sociale Zaken en Volkshuisvesting (Sozavo) heeft onlangs een bezoek gebracht aan de Esther Stichting. Dit bezoek was naar aanleiding van berichten van onrust bij bewoners...

The deliberation of the Association of Civil Servants of Social Affairs and Housing (BASZ) was dissolved at a general members’ meeting on Wednesday. The results achieved with Minister Uraiqit Ramsaran have been approved by the members.

Minister Ramsaran announced that the conversations have been positive. The Ministry has looked at the various personnel matters, with a series of decisions having been completed in the meantime. Efforts have also been made to free up resources in accordance with the budget, for the purchase of office supplies, registration forms and cleaning products.

The housing of the various offices was also discussed. The minister indicated that the various points included in the union’s petition have been discussed extensively, and as a ministry we continue to look at the possibilities as to how we can continue to drive business, so that the officials be motivated to continue to work. Ramsaran said he is always ready to enter in a dialogue so that structural solutions to the problems that have been going on for years are worked on together with the union.



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