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Defense personnel in legal positions have been given preference

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Personeel BOG legt werk lam na zeven weken staking

Het personeel van het Bureau Openbare Gezondheidsdienst (BOG) heeft sinds vrijdag 14 juni alle werkzaamheden volledig lamgelegd. “We zijn sinds 22 april in actie, maar niemand geeft gehoor,” verklaard...

The Ministry of Defense has experienced a difficult year. Priority was given to personnel legal status difficulties throughout the past year in addition to the other operational and support tasks that were completed. Staff legal status issues have received priority, according to Krishna Mathura, the defense minister. For instance, 882 employees have received promotions, but the Ministry of the Interior still has the promotion paperwork for almost 100 more people. Permanent appointments have been made available to 480 people. 214 workers have been let go, compared to the two new hires. 70 out of the 214 people were fired for neglecting their duties.

Over the last six months, 125 loans have been made possible thanks to the Defense support fund. In addition, bonuses were given to 226 people. People who have a particular number of years of service are eligible for bonuses. Medals have also been up for bid. These will arrive in January, allowing the backlogs from 2015–2016 to be further reduced. According to the ministry, 19 employees and 11 pensioners traded the transient for the everlasting in the previous year.

177 individuals completed their training at the Institute for Defense Training this year, and 128 others are currently enrolled. 170 persons have attended a conference or training session abroad.In a year that is only now recovering from the Covid-19 outbreak, this feat stands out. Without DNV, this translates to 13% of the workforce with education or training. We are approaching our goal of 20% annually, the minister stated. Additionally, the Defense premium SZF card has been used to improve the medical facilities, while the special allowance for military people has been boosted by SRD 350. An Organized Consultation Committee for Military Personnel has also been established after some time. The Integrity project has started and will continue through 2023 as awareness has been increased about it.

The financial aspect has gone above the budget. “We utilized more of what we had. Particularly in terms of human expenditures, where the government has given all governmental officials a 25% pay raise. That would not have been covered by staff costs. However, we have utilized slightly over 99% of the policy budget, according to the minister. In addition, 105 authorizations and 42 council proposals totaling SRD 65 million have been authorized. Extra money from this SRD 65 million was used to buy food, renovate, buy furniture, buy riot gear, and many other things.

Additionally, psu, five vehicles, and two boats with outboard motors have all been purchased. Fuel has also been offered for sale. The team has put in a lot of effort despite having few resources and a challenging economic climate in the nation, and the management is very appreciative of them. She is also appreciative of the assistance from both domestic and foreign partners. Regarding their primary responsibilities, the minister indicated they will stay on their current course. The foundation remains the policy plan for 2021–2026.






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