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Defense: Manipulated narrative of the National Army

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The popular video depicting people being dropped off in a National Army toner truck has a fabricated backstory. According to an inquiry, several looters were put in the tonner by the police and military to be taken to the police station after their detention on Friday, February 17. According to the Ministry of Defense.

However, tear gas got inside the car on the way and made one of the passengers, a female, feel sick and eventually lose consciousness. The military and police then stepped in to help, stopping the car so they could provide the victim medical attention. Several of the apprehended looters were able to escape by jumping out of the car and running during the relief attempts. In the end, the cops assisted in getting the woman to the emergency room.

The National Army’s men have been unfairly maligned, and the Ministry of Defense regrets this greatly. Meanwhile, those who propagate false information put forth extra effort by inventing numerous stories. We request that you refrain from doing this and work to help restore peace and safety in the sake of public order, peace, and safety.




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