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Debie: The agricultural sector is broken due to KLM freight transport being stopped

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On Thursday, Radjendre Debie (VHP), a member of parliament, brought KLM’s decision to discontinue carrying cargo out of Suriname to the government’s notice in the National Assembly. The first of February will see this. The effects of this, he claimed, are severe. In addition to parcel services and a number of exports being in jeopardy, the agriculture sector will be upended and ruined.

Due to the KLM export ban, farmers who use expensive inputs in their production may face severe losses. Many people will also ignore the agricultural industry, according to Debie. Four flights are run by KLM each week. The embargo will result in a decline in fruit and vegetable exports. Exporters will sustain large losses as a result of the loss of the sales market.

Debie requested, during yesterday’s meeting, that the government notify the college of the circumstance. He claimed that it is a pressing issue. He requests an explanation from the government as to why KLM made this choice. Minister Krishna Mathoera stated that if it was possible, the government would respond at the meeting; if not, it would do so at the following one. However, when asked pressing questions, the government remained silent.

KLM has not been subject to any restrictions, according to Vijay Chotkan, director of NV Luchthaven Management. Yesterday, the airline was asked for a written explanation. NV Luchthaven Management was also not informed by KLM of the decision, while freight carriers were informed of the embargo.






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