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Dc Narain: The government needs to chip in as well

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Bholanath Narain, the district commissioner for Wanica North-West, tells the reporters that his region has a lot of issues that need to be resolved. Flooding also causes a lot of harm to people. The channels are being cleaned as we speak. According to DC, the people are making every effort, but the government must also play a role.

The channels have been manually cleaned in several places. According to Narain, locals are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of their verges and waterways. If this wasn’t the case, people used to be penalized. The price of 50 cents is no longer acceptable. I’m trying to change the fine so that people are aware once more.

The area’s severe subsidence of asphalt roads is already being addressed by the Road Authority, but the issue also extends to the region’s dirt roads. They are also working on that, according to Narain. He adds that talks have taken place with local business owners who are eager to help. Both the entrepreneurs and the community must gain from it for it to be a win-win situation.




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