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Damages of SRD 4 million have been approved for homes inundated in Brokopondo

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An amount of SRD 4 million was recently granted by the Council of Ministers (RvM) as compensation for the households in Brokopondo who sustained severe damage as a result of water spilling from the Afobaka reservoir. Sandino Ratling, the head of the presidential panel Brokopondo, has confirmed this to the media.

He predicts that the businesspeople will arrive for payment at a different time. This year, affected households will get a monthly payment from June through December. This relates to 200 households who qualify for this financial assistance.

During the process of draining the water into the reservoir, the residents of this area have incurred significant losses. All personal property, including a refrigerator and television, has been ruined by the extra water. The houses need maintenance as well. Additionally, agricultural crops have been lost.

The platforms of local businesspeople and traditional leaders from Brokopondo recently met with the Presidential working group. This discussion covered a variety of topics, including the last period’s policy and negotiations with the local government, multinational Rosebel Goldmines, and Staatsolie NV. The gathering took place at the Balingsoela village. Additionally present were district residents.


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