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DA’91 wants clarity on the layoff of the chairman of the Board of Staatsolie

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Society is unpleasantly surprised with the announcement of the resignation of Staatsolie’s chairman of the supervisory board, Herman Alendy. There seems to be a complex situation surrounding the dismissal of the chairman of the supervisory board of Staatsolie. DA’91 is concerned about this development given the possible impact on Suriname’s interests. The stability and functioning of Suriname’s most important parastatal company could come under enormous pressure, which is highly undesirable, as Staatsolie is of great financial importance to the country.

The government, as the sole shareholder, must indicate to society with the greatest possible transparency the real reason for the departure of this representative of the government from the Supervisory Board. In addition to the fact that the entire Surinamese society owns the company and parts of it are also bondholders with the company, these citizens have a financial interest in the performance and stability of the company. It is the government’s responsibility to ensure that these interests are protected.

The departure of a Supervisory Board member from an important parastatal company rightly arouses public interest and concern, while at the same time it is announced that the CEO of TotalEnergies is coming to Suriname with ‘good news’. Wanted or not, this raises even more questions. It is in the interest not only of Staatsolie, but of society as a whole, that the government explains the reasons for the departure of the chairman of the Supervisory Board of Staatsolie. The interests of our society are not served by rumors and speculation, says the Scientific Bureau of DA’91.





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