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Covid-19 has somewhat increased; mouth and nasal caps are suggested

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In the most recent time frame, there has been a very minor increase in the number of Covid-19 virus-infected patients being admitted to hospitals. Ten people are admitted to hospitals on average each week in October, and three people pass away. The Ministry of Health advises using a nose and mouth guard.

Seven to nine subvariants have been found since the Omikron variant was announced. Scientists are actively monitoring these subvariants, according to Public Health. The Outbreak Management Team (OMT) has advised Public Health to take all necessary precautions to avoid contracting the Covid-19 illness in light of recent developments.Therefore, it is nevertheless strongly advised to wear a mouth and nose protection in crowded places with poor ventilation. Still, maintaining excellent hand hygiene is advised.

The Ministries of Health and Foreign Affairs will assess the entry policy in the upcoming time. The ministry adds that those who have not had a vaccination have a higher risk of developing a serious illness and passing away, thus it nevertheless advises that this group get vaccinated. A batch of “new” Covid vaccinations will also be made accessible in the near future.


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