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Court rejects Trikt’s request for release

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The Court of Justice rejected the request of lawyer Irvin Kanhai to release ex-governor of the Central Bank of Suriname, Robert van Trikt. Kanhai tells the news press that he had invoked Van Trikt’s health condition. Kanhai’s request was heard but the decision was made the next day.

Van Trikt has been ill several times since his detention. He was sentenced by the subdistrict court to eight years in prison and a fine of SRD 500,000, alternatively sixteen months in prison for violation of the Anti-Corruption Act, embezzlement, forgery and violation of the Money Laundering Act.

Together with his business partner Ashween Angnoe, he has to repay 625 thousand euros to the State. A car (Range Rover) seized from Angnoe and the business premises of Orion Assurance Advisory on Krakalaan were also confiscated.




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