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Court decision today suspended VRA actions

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Given that a lawsuit is currently being heard by the court in preliminary relief procedures, the Association of Regional Health Service Physicians (VRA) has chosen to pause its action. After the VRA decided to restrict its work, the RGD administration filed a lawsuit. Today’s hearing will focus on the judge’s decision in the case.

When questioned by the media, VRA Chairman Bobby Ramautar states that the decision to halt the action was made out of “goodwill.” A counteroffer on the set of wishes that was submitted six months ago is anticipated from the leadership of RGD, it was stated during a court appearance.

It has been decided to put the action on hold, out of respect for the judge and to make accommodations for the patients. The RGD has stated that not enough funds are available to meet the VRA with a 50% pay raise. The parties are anticipating the court’s decision.



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