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Construction of DNA meeting complex not stopped;  people misled  

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The DNA meeting center is still being built, and individuals have been duped. As stated by Minister Henry Ori of Education, Science, and Culture on Tuesday through the Suriname Communications Service, work on the National Assembly’s meeting complex has not “immediately stopped.” On Thursday, members of the opposition assembly visited the Henck Arronstraat building site. There, construction was well underway. The assembly members were informed by the site foreman that he had not received any official notice of a temporary halt to building.

NDP faction leader Rabin Parmessar and Edward Belfort (ABOP/PL) say in conversation with  the media that the government is being misleading.  Construction continues as normal, while society has been told that the work will be stopped and a solution will be sought with everyone involved.  Soon everything will have to be demolished again if adjustments are made to the building.  Parmessar is concerned that the word of the government cannot be relied on.

Although Minister Ori has announced that construction will be temporarily stopped and a solution will be sought through dialogue, his colleague Riad Nurmohamed from Public Works is the client.  That ministry signed the contract with the contractor Bouwvast Jankie.  The cessation of work must be communicated to the contractor via OW.

This government is constantly misleading the people!  No matter how fast the lie is, the truth will catch up with it!  The proof was provided on Thursday afternoon.  This government has no regard for the needs of the people,” says Belfort. “When we arrived on site with a delegation of BEP, NPS, ABOP and NDP, we were shocked that construction is continuing as normal.  The contractor has told us that he will continue until there is a formal notice to stop construction,” says Parmessar.





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