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Consideration of a police union; opposition to DNA

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JusPol minister belooft actie tegen toenemende criminaliteit...

Granman Lesley Valentijn van de Matuariërs leidde een delegatie die ontvangen werd door minister Kenneth Amoksi om hun bezorgdheid te uiten over toenemende criminele activiteiten in het Matawai-gebied...

The Surinamese Police Association’s general meeting has chosen to discuss. This is in opposition to the Chief Inspectors Raoul Hellings and Sergio Gentle being fired. The members have made the decision to act since they do not accept the resignation.

At the National Assembly building, the police are assembling. Putini Atompai, the federal chairman, tells the media that the board has decided to negotiate the resignation with the government.

The union’s members will voice their displeasure with the situation to the National Assembly. The resignation resolution that releases the two officers has the president’s signature. They were the protesters’ top organizers during the Organic Movement. They are charged, among other things, with neglect of duty.




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