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Congress decides on NPS status in coalition

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It seems as though the NPS makes decisions based on evaluations of agreements made in the interest of the party and Suriname. NPS party chairman Gregory Rusland responds to the news press concerning the call from honorary chairman Ronald Venetiaan not to abandon President Chan Santokhi. Venetian believes that the NPS should remain in the coalition.

Rusland stated that there are differences of opinions within the NPS on different issues. The party chairman said that they respect everyone’s opinion. However, it must be clear that the NPS is a democratic party with statutes that must be respected. The party structures will put things in order and come to decisions that are beneficial for the party and the country.

He further stated that they participate in the coalition on the basis of decisions taken after long discussions in 2020 at the formation of the government. However, an evaluation on a continual basis will be necessary to check whether developments are still on track with the expectations and agreements that have been made. The decisions should always be in the interest of the party and Suriname. The annual congress of the party will take place on October 30.




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