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Complaints of dirty water in Albina resolved before December

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Water that comes from the tap in Albina and the surrounding area is currently contaminated. Before the impending holidays, the Surinaamsche Waterleiding Maatschappij (SWM) hopes to find a solution to this issue. The water is too filthy to be used for bathing or drinking.

SWM Public Relations’ Denise Groenefelt tells reporters that the corporation is actively working on projects. “Drainage work is now being done in Albina to address the numerous concerns about filthy water. Mid-October saw the beginning of the work, which will last until right before Christmas,” according to her.

The blowdown, according to Groenefelt, has to do with the inner walls of the big pipes being cleaned of deposits that have accumulated over time. It is discharged per street rather than per connection. These are larger-diameter pipes that transport water to different neighborhoods. Due to changes in water pressure, the deposit may become loose and enter the distribution network.

The SWM’s water pipes need to be maintained, however there is a backlog. The water pipes were not serviced because of COVID-19, according to Marowijne-Noordoost district commissioner Clyde Hunswijk in a previous interview. According to the mayor, this has caused a significant maintenance backlog.

In addition, the Marowijne River’s water is now too contaminated to use for bathing or filling barrels. Additionally, according to Groenefelt, certain parts of the issue have already been resolved. The SWM will investigate which addresses the complaint continues at and why, allowing discharge to occur there.






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