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Community Projects Office opens playground in Mariënburg

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The Community Projects Bureau (GBP) has opened a new playground in Mariënburg, Commewijne. The opening took place yesterday. The community projects are carried out with the aim of providing diverse communities with their necessary needs.

In connection with the progress of the program, the Ministry of Finance and Planning has established the Community Projects Bureau (BGP) with the aim of ensuring that selected projects are implemented in a timely and correct manner.

Present at this activity included District Commissioner (DC) Mohamedsafiek Radjab, the people’s representatives Soerjani Mingoen and Evert Karto and BGP project manager Jaswant Doekharan. “In the development vision that I promote for my district, there should be parks, playgrounds or sports fields in every residential community or neighborhood for the social development of the inhabitants,” said DNA member Mingoen.

The local residents have expressed the need to the mayor via the district councilors and district councilors, who in turn has sought financing for the construction of a playground on the grounds of the Stafdorp. After cutting the ribbon, the local residents, together with all the guests, were allowed to use the site immediately. In addition, the transfer of the playground took place through a signing between DC Radjab and Jaswant Doekharan.







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