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Column: Santokhi should initiate operation “Save the People”

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Vandaag 20 mei is Wereld Bijendag

Wereld Bijendag is een internationale dag. In ons land hebben wij weinig begrip voor deze belangrijke bestuivers. Wanneer wij bijen zien, worden wij angstig en bellen de brandweer om hen weg te brande...

We have already experienced betrayal, crucifixion, and resurrection. Chan is also safe and well and back. There hasn’t been a single incorrect cell discovered by the North Sea’s most advanced technology. The entire world is pico bello. Every Easter-related comment demonstrates how Jesus is the greatest source of motivation for hope. Not even death has the final say. Therefore, the nation’s issues pale in comparison to what occurred more than 2000 years ago. The countless sunflowers should now begin to bloom.

Health care must be addressed first if we are to have a bright future. The president knows what it’s like to receive a thorough physical. Additionally, in two nations in addition to the Academic Hospital Paramaribo (AZP). The ultramodern equipment needed to conduct all the required tests is not available at AZP. The “luxury” of traveling abroad for additional research is something you can afford if you’re president or have enough money.

Meanwhile, Surinamese residents in this country must visit several pharmacies to buy medications, especially if they have SZF insurance. Additionally, even with their SZF card, patients typically have to pay for the medications after they have located them. If they are referred to a lab for testing or to a specialist for additional research, they should consider themselves lucky as well. Doctors frequently receive criticism for “referring too easily.” All of this is costly. There must be cost savings. Lab tests, zealous prescription writing, and specialist referrals must all be used as rarely as feasible.

The health of the populace is impacted when the economy of the nation is struggling. Many people rarely eat fruits, vegetables, and other healthful foods because they are difficult for them to access. Choosing the wrong food frequently results in an empty stomach. Every week, the price of rice made domestically increases. A 25 kilogram bag of rice that cost SRD 500 must now be purchased for SRD 700. Given that less has been sowed as a result of the rat infestation, the price is anticipated to increase even further.

The exchange rate continues to be up in the air notwithstanding the announced measures, the emergency National Assembly meeting, and the numerous consultations with the sector. Chan’s return and ability to visit the Beehive now demonstrate that he not only has a sound body but also common sense. He must now finally carry out his commitment to improving the lives of the populace. Now is the moment to carry out “operation saves the people.” Family and friends in particular who are bad actors must now make room. It’s been confused for far too long!

Ramcharan, Nita







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