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Col. Kioe A Sen appointed as Commander-in-Chief

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Colonel Werner Kioe A Sen has been appointed Commander of the National Army by President Santokhi, who is Commander -in-Chief of the National Army. This took place on Thursday, October 27,2022.

Colonel Werner Kioe A Sen has served in this position for some time and has now been officially appointed. The Commander- in- Chief indicated that Colonel Kioe A Sen takes on a heavy responsibility that requires drive, decisiveness, dedication and commitment.

The Surinamese National Army does not only have the task of defending the territory, but is also deployed in the development of the country. Motivation and commitment are things that are required in order to get through the difficult times. The Commander-in-Chief congratulated Colonel Kioe A Sen and expressed his hope that the new-fangled Commander, with the strength of the Almighty, will lift the National Army to greater heights.





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