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Coastguard supports project mangrove planting

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One of the projects of the Coastguard Suriname was expressed recently through participation in the mangrove project of Professor Sieuwnath Naipal. This project is being carried out at Brantimakkaweg, in Weg naar Zee. Professor Naipal has been replanting mangroves in this area for years and welcomes any support he receives.

The Acting Director of the Coast Guard, Major Radjoe Bhola, was delighted to be part of this sustainable, but rather natural way of giving back to nature. The Coast Guard has included projects in its annual planning to give back to society and this was one of the first projects it has carried out this year. The aim was to plant 100 young mangrove trees and eventually there were 113.

Major Bhola said that since the mangrove trees are part of the food chain, say the nursery of almost all fauna on and in the sea, it is also important for catching fish , crustaceans such as crabs and shrimps. But also bees that produce honey find a home in the mangrove. All products for society that earns a living from it and products that provide much-needed proteins for not only Suriname, but also for the region and beyond. In short, in addition to food supplies, we also protect our coast against land loss. He expressed his thanks to the staff who volunteered and to Professor Naipal for his clear explanation. Bhola called on the other services to support the project as well.

Professor Naipal explained to the Coast Guard members how mangrove trees grow and what the benefits are. These plants tolerate salt water. “A mangrove plant has vertical roots that protrude from the bottom like small posts. These then act as a sieve and the clay settles, thus gaining land and preventing erosion.” The professor also stated that it would cost the state much more to build a dyke. It is a huge investment and the maintenance of a dike also entails enormous costs. That is why mangrove was chosen to protect the coastal plain against land loss. In addition, it ensures that the waves that approach the land are broken, which is also a function of a dike.




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