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Cleaning Albina beach because of World Cleaning Day

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As part of World Cleaning Day, Albina Centrum was cleaned last weekend. The Suriname Police Force reported that the cleaning of Albina was done along the beach and the surrounding area.

It was an action by the Support Recycling Suriname Foundation (SURESUR) in collaboration with Telesur, led by the coordinator Darleen Hoefdraad, the neighborhood manager, the police sergeant Ingrid Adrianus and the district secretary I. Van Genderen.

The soldiers of Albina, led by the secondment commander M. Fonkel, also made their contribution during this cleaning action. The national Coordinator Neighborhood Management, the Inspector of Police 2nd class Henry Kia was also on site.

The aim of this activity is to make the Surinamese society aware of a clean environment and that they should keep the district clean. The sponsor of this whole has been Telesur.





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