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Civil servants are not paid if they are not registered

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On December 31st, the National Servants Registration project will come to an end. As of January 1, 2023, unregistered civil servants will no longer be paid. On October 1, registration opened.

The ministry aims to take advantage of every chance to finish this project successfully, including the utilization of mobile units. At the National Assembly, Duisburg Penal Institution, and Santo Boma, the mobile unit has begun operations. The Corps Fire Brigade Suriname, the Corps Defense, and the Corps Penitentiary Officers will soon be visited.

The registration has already been deemed successful by Minister Bronto Somohardjo. “80% of the government employees at DNA are already registered. The Penitentiary Officers Corps likewise received an 80%, compared to a 60% for the staff of the Duisburg Penal Institution. The minister requests that officials register in order to avoid punishment.





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