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China would do well to take the realignment concept as an example

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Suriname is een politieke partij rijker: ABOP-PL

Paul Somohardjo, voorzitter van de Pertjajah Luhur (PL), maakte de oprichting van een nieuwe politieke partij bekend: ABOP-PL. Tijdens een persconferentie onthulde hij dat de Algemene Bevrijdings- en ...

Like with India, Suriname aims to work out a debt restructuring with China. Therefore, it is crucial, in the opinion of Minister Albert Ramdin, that China pay attention to the agreement struck on Tuesday. The minister explains that this is necessary “so that this country has an understanding of how it may also come to a debt restructure jointly with Suriname.” 

He believes Suriname and China will soon come to an agreement as well. The minister claims that the situation with China is a little more complicated. But technological pre-work has already been completed. The discussions now need to be conducted on a political and diplomatic level.

It was imperative to settle the bilateral debt dispute with India as soon as possible, which was accomplished on Tuesday after several days of negotiations. President Chan Santokhi and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi have met to discuss this. In addition, the Public Debt Bureau’s experts have been in constant communication with the EXIM Bank of India. 38 million dollars are owed to India by Suriname.

The rearrangement agreement is one that Suriname expects to sign soon. Following the Netherlands and France, this is the third consecutive debt restructure. According to Minister Ramdin, agreements with Israel and Italy will be reached soon. Obtaining resources from India, namely $48.5 million that was placed on hold due to the program with the International Monetary Fund, is a key factor in the debt restructuring with this nation (IMF).





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