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Children Trio village Amatopo go to school for the first time

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Minister Marie Levens of Education, Science and Culture (minOWC), was overwhelmed with joy that the children from Amatopo got the opportunity to go to school for the very first time in their own village. Just imagine that those children from this indigenous village have never gone to school. And some of them have been living there for almost 15 years. At the opening of the new school year the minister emphasized in her speech that children are not allowed to stay away from school.

Previously, there were no school facilities in the Trio village of Amatopo. On August 31, the pre-opening of a primary school in this village, which is located in the southwest of the Sipaliwini district, took place. The Green Growth Foundation and minOWC, but especially the captain and the residents of Amatopo have built a new school there together. The ministry provides teachers, books, other teaching materials and houses for the teachers all year round, especially container houses.

The minister said that it is important for you to stay in school. Even if things don’t go well at times. Because in Amatopo some children are already 14 years old and have never been to school. They are going to school for the very first time. A handsome 14 years old boy will be sitting in the first class of primary school. He fishes, helps hunting and planting. He is allowed in our school. They are allowed in our school, all the boys and girls of Amatopo. And they will learn very quickly because they already know a lot. I think even better that the children who were sent to Kwamalasemutu by their parents far from home to go to school, they are now back at home with their parents. The school is there for everyone who wants to learn.







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