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Children Leiding 20 receive promised school packages

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Assembly member Henk Aviankoi (VHP) has provided 100 school packages to the school children of Leiding 20 through the intermediary of President Chan Santokhi. A few months ago, parents were promised that their children would receive school supplies.

Aviankoi said that despite the fact that the schools had already started, not all parents had bought school supplies. The people had full confidence that the children would be provided with the school supplies.  Aviankoi said that on October 8, he fulfilled his promise. Both parents and children were very grateful.

The poverty problem is not easy to solve because of the financial and economic crisis. Aviankoi said that as a DNA, he take into account the poverty and money worries that some children face, so he  tries to take actions to alleviate the needs of the parents.

In his annual speech, the president said that the vast majority of society is experiencing financial difficulties due to the measures taken to restore the health of the economy.  He also said that better days are coming by and by. As an assembly member, he is convinced that better times will come. The politician said that he will always stand up for the socially weak, because people put him there and his duty is to help the people.



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