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Children from the Interior do not yet have school supplies

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Children in the interior do not yet have school supplies for the new school year. School started on October 3rd not all children were fortunate to attend school. Some children didn’t because of problems related to the school building. The economic situation in the country also does not make it any easier for the community.

The Platform Teachers Domestic is very grateful to Blue Wing Airlines for the donation it has made. The teachers can really use the donation. Goods have been donated in connection with the flooding in the Upper Suriname area and Brokopondo.

The donation consisted of 1000 school bags. It was difficult for the community in the interior in recent months. They have lost everything because of the flooding. Resources were collected by various groups in society to help the community in the affected areas.

Everything was destroyed by the flood. It was not only the houses, but also the schools and books of the students that were destroyed.





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