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Chairman of the NDP until at least 2027 is Bouterse

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Desi Bouterse, the NDP’s chairman and a former president, will stay in that position until at least 2027. According to a news release from the NDP, the Central Political Organ (CPO) met and resolved to delay the internal elections until two years after the 2025 presidential election. This implies that the central board for 2019 elections as well as other elected internal institutions remain the same.

At the CPO meeting, there are representatives from the party’s organs and institutes. The power to make general political choices rests with the CPO. During this meeting, the revised party political program was endorsed by the organs and institutes.

The Scientific Bureau of the NDP had several hearings in the headquarters in recent months before to the clearance on Sunday. This show will be followed by the election program and the government program.

The gathering heard a presentation of the Constitutional Court’s decision about the election regulations, at which point the party’s position and the subsequent steps were discussed.

The party will discuss the path leading up to the elections as well as the establishment of the party election structures at the upcoming CPO meeting, which will be held in the first quarter of 2023.









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