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Central Bank replies to claims made by Gajadien

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An autonomous monetary body with joint responsibility for fostering price stability in Suriname is the Central Bank of Suriname (the Bank). In order to achieve this, it coordinates the implementation of monetary policy with the Ministry of Finance & Planning and financial institutions. According to the Bank, a comprehensive explanation of this necessitates much more than this communiqué and will be presented through other media channels.

Nonetheless, it has turned out to be vital for the Bank to let people know that it is always prepared to explain its policy and active projects. In fact, the Bank has noted the worries voiced by Assembly Member Asis Gajadien, especially regarding the outcomes of the Bank’s Open Market Operations (OMOs). Gajadien recently made comments in parliament during a presentation that don’t accurately reflect the facts and outcomes that the Bank is aware of.

Although it is commonly known that understanding OMOs requires financial technical knowledge, the Bank will soon let stakeholders and society as a whole know more about this. The Bank is fully aware of how important it is to support financial and economic stability in order to encourage economic growth and employment. The best way for it to carry on is as an independent institution of the state. It never loses sight of how its position links to those of the other state institutions, and it constantly upholds these connections.

The independence of the Bank must be assured by the same state institutions, nevertheless. The Bank has previously demonstrated that giving up its independent stance has highly negative effects for the Bank and, consequently, for the entire country.








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