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Cambiel favors a domestic pricing structure

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Marinus Cambiel, vice-chairman of the ABOP, demands that the government create a pricing structure for the home market. Cambiel asserts that this should guarantee reasonably priced goods and services in the Netherlands. The politician claims that the introduction of the new tax type of value added tax (VAT) by the government on January 1, 2023, will force consumers to have to keep more of their money. This was stated by Cambiel on Saturday at an ABOP gathering in Wanhatti, in the Marowijne neighborhood.

Prices for goods and services are significantly higher in the interior than they are in the city. The cost of living is significantly higher for the local citizens as a result. With the implementation of VAT, this would only worsen, the ABOP politician said.

He suggests that because they will now have to pay VAT, individuals in the interior will be more negatively impacted. The prices will reflect the costs. In Cambiel’s opinion, this takes precedence over revamping the electoral system in the interior without a solid foundation for development. A tax known as VAT is imposed on goods and services used by the public. Suriname is getting ready to implement VAT, which is gathered practically everywhere in the world. Suriname has a 10% VAT rate in place.




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