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Building without permission is no longer allowed

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For all infrastructural works in the country a permit is now required. The OW press conference recently mentioned that citizens who want to build their shelter will have to submit a permit application to the Ministry of Public Works (OW)

According to OW minister Riad Nurmohamed, it is not allowed anymore for people to work on their site if they do not have a permit to do so. Information about the licensing policy will be distributed on various media channels. The minister said that after today no one can say that they do not have the information.

The OW chief also indicated that flyers will be posted in different languages to inform the community about the new policy. Society will be given the opportunity to submit its permit applications at the Ministry’s One Stop Window.

The permit applications will also be processed via the One Stop Window. Further work will be done on the efficiency of the permit handling procedure. The minister said that the settlement must be much faster.

Vidjay Doerga Misier director of Urban Development mentioned that District Para estate issue has been discussed. Also talks have been held with the plantation boards about what is stated in the permit policy. Vidjay Doerga Misier said that further information about this will also be shared with the community.





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