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Brunswijk was absent when the decision was made to name Paragsingh Attorney General

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At the Government Council meeting, when among other things, the choice was made to name Garcia Paragsingh as acting Attorney General, Vice President Ronnie Brunswijk was not present. This is what it says in a message from the Vice President’s Cabinet department known as the Directorate of Public Communication.

“Vice President (VP) Ronnie Brunswijk was not present at the Government Council Meeting on Wednesday, August 2nd. The Communication Service Suriname has included in a press release that some important decisions were taken during this meeting, at which the VP was also present. The People’s Communication Directorate of the Office of the Vice President wishes to emphasize that the statesman was not present in Paramaribo at the time. VP Brunswijk did hold the Sub-Council for Tenders and Contracts meeting at his cabinet on Wednesday August 2. He then opened the regular Council of Ministers meeting, after which he handed it over to the first deputy, the BIBIS minister, at some point. For urgent reasons, the VP had to leave for the interior. The Directorate of People’s Communication regrets this incorrect reporting from the CDS.




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