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Brunswijk wants to go to the Constitutional Court; fight system

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ABOP chairman also vice president Ronnie ‘bigi Bravo’ Brunswijk, is also considering going to the Constitutional Court. He states that although slavery is long gone, people now want to suppress the Maroons with “the system”. Brunswijk has moved to Paramaribo to “fight the battle” here. He is now vice president, but there is still something to add, he shouts to his audience, on Independence Square during Maroon Day. Brunswijk is considering the presidency so that he will be in a better position to do more for the underprivileged.

The politician is very impressed by the large turnout on Independence Square where Maroon Day was celebrated exuberantly on Monday. An hour has been set aside for speeches by Leo Brunswijk of the organization, some traditional authorities, presidents Brunswijk and Paul Somohardjo of Pertjajah Luhur.

He said that he fights for the underprivileged and as long as there is inequality, he will continue. They say the interior has cheap seats. Now they want to change it, bring it to the city. He then removed himself and is now in Paramaribo. Because here the battle will be fought.

Brunswijk continued by saying that just look and see how they treat us. The iron chain on our neck is gone but they now want to kill us with the system. Then they go to the Constitutional Court to remove it (seats). He said that he is watching them. He warned them but they thought he was threatening them. But he’s not warning anymore. Now that he is in Paramaribo, they are going to fight.

Brunswijk said further that they can also go to the Chof. Because in the end, if they say that the interior has cheap seats, then the prices in the interior should be the same as in the city. There is no good health care, nor good education in the interior. But they say there are equal rights. They still treat the Maroons indifferently. There’s only one thing that can get us out of this. You see I’m vice president now and yet the system can’t change. Something has to be added…something has to be added! To achieve that, we must form a unity.










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