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Brunswijk: The proposed VHP effort won’t deter me

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Ronnie Brunswijk, chairman of the ABOP and interim president, is unfazed by the VHP party’s initiative plan. It specifies that in order to be elected to such positions, candidates for president and vice president must not have a criminal history. In his royal regalia, Brunswijk declared on Saturday at Pet’Ondro in Marowijne that he is a strategist. He will be able to achieve his aim of winning the “championship” in 2025 despite the initiative suggestion.

He questioned his audience, “Who is the president of the country right now?” It’s me there! The president is now abroad. Currently, I serve as the Republic of Suriname’s president. Can this be changed? From the audience sounded as if from one mouth: ‘Nooooo’. Brunswijk stated that the political pillars are heavily focused on the ABOP, because according to him the attack first started with the amendment of the electoral regulation and now a criminal record story.

During a press conference in the new DNA building, the group leader of the ABOP/PL group Obed Kanape indicated in no uncertain terms on Monday that he was not satisfied with the submitted initiative proposal about changing the Electoral Regulations by the VHP. According to him, the constitution offers every Surinamese, regardless of criminal record or not, the possibility to run for the highest office.

Asis Gajadien, party leader of the VHP says that this initiative proposal is not intended against a specific person. He argues that his party is serving the will of the people. According to him, society has often indicated that candidates with a criminal record should not become head of government or vice president of this country.

Kanape believes that the word criminal record should be well defined.







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