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Brunswijk: Santokhi should discuss termination with Police Union

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The board of the Surinamese Police Association (SPB) has been requested by acting president Ronnie Brunswijk to meet with president Chan Santokhi to examine the removal of chief inspectors Raoul Hellings and Sergio Gentle. Last night, Brunswijk told the board that he was unable to disregard the resolution that the head of state had signed. The acting president has been informed by the SPB board, led by Putini Atompai, that he will consider this request with members in Independence Square later today. The SPB will reconvene today at the National Assembly building.

Brunswijk was not aware of the resignation resolution, the media heard from the Vice President’s Cabinet. He was made aware of the police officers’ suspension. The interim president mentioned that there were other options besides resignation during the afternoon meeting with the SPB board. Several ministers, the chairman of the assembly, Marinus Bee, and members of the standing committee of justice and police were also there.

The departure of Hellings and Gentle, who are both union advisers, is being contested by the SPB. The union began talks after an emergency meeting earlier in the day. The dismissal must be overturned, according to the demand. According to Brunswijk, Santokhi would be the better person to discuss this matter with. On Thursday, he will return to Suriname. The president attended the Egyptian Climate Change Conference.

The SPB’s general assembly will make a decision about the acting president’s proposal. The SPB board suggested that this matter be brought up at the members’ meeting.





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