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Brunswijk is dissatisfied with how slowly residential projects are being carried out

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Vice President (VP) Ronnie Brunswijk voiced his displeasure with the sluggish project implementation in the community of Poeketie in the Upper Marowijne district yesterday. As part of a solar panel project that will give this community access to electricity for twenty-four hours a day, Brunswijk paid a visit to the village. According to the vp, the government has not given any funding, therefore initiatives that have been approved for the domestic market cannot be carried out.

The stalemate is more apparent in projects coming from the interior, he said, making it appear more like a boycott. The VP stated, “They use this system.” He mentioned two actual projects in the Upper Marowijne region that, while being high on the government’s list of priorities, are still unable to be carried out. Two specific examples were the building of a bridge at Diitabiki and the construction of a road and rehabilitation of Futu Pasi. Brunswijk claims that this tactic is done on purpose to defame the ABOP.

The execution of projects in the interior, according to Brunswijk, is not progressing well at all because no resources are made available to work. Plans have been cleared to use a solar panel system to power a sizable portion of Suriname’s interior. The VP asserts that the majority of Upper Suriname should already be finished. This project cannot be completed because there isn’t any funding available.

The adjustment in the election system, according to Brunswijk, is being made because they believe cheap seats may be found in the interior but they are not in a rush to make life tolerable for those who live in the hinterland.

He stated that he felt it was important to let people know about this since it shouldn’t appear that efforts to bring about the required growth are futile.






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