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Ondanks de uitdagingen veroorzaakt door de recente langdurige droogte in Suriname, blijft de voedseldistributie naar dorpen in het binnenland onverminderd doorgaan. Waarnemend president Ronnie Brunswi...

Vice President Ronny Brunswijk is quite concerned about the daily price hikes society is experiencing. According to Brunswijk, “if things aren’t going well with the community, things aren’t going well for me either.” He claimed that many troubled people turn to him for assistance. I’m not Social Affairs, you know.”

According to Brunswijk, the policy needs to be adjusted so that the government can provide for the people. “But I’m not the president; I’m just the vice president. The president is the one who gives orders, not me, Brunswijk insisted. He claimed that he always brings up the aforementioned issues with the President. “Because I’m sick of doing good deeds in my own name. It cannot continue this way; a policy must be developed to ensure that the economically and socially disadvantaged also receive value for their money, according to Brunswijk. Millions have already been set aside for stability, claims Brunswijk. So, adds Brunswijk, “we can now better care for the socially weaker.” “Let’s look at the societal side of the coin; they say that when the calf has drowned, they fill the well. We cannot save everyone all the time. Ano te a people dede fosi,( you can’t wait until the people die first) and then we would developed programs. This isn’t how it works; instead, we now need to develop programs so that we can interact with the people, claims Brunswijk. We urgently need to adjust our policies and prioritize social services.

Brunswijk disclosed that he had advised the president to modify policies and focus on the underprivileged during the final two years of his administration. The social component of the strategy must now also be highlighted, according to Brunswijk. Because voters in the Surinamese community look at what you have done for them, every government can affirm that they have done well and deserve another chance, according to Brunswijk. We are doing well, but there are still issues that require more attention, particularly the social aspect of the situation. Therefore, we must create a social paragraph of five years. We have done this on the social side, Santokhi and Brunswijk, but we are still missing that,” said Brunswijk.




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