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Brunswijk: “If I was in parliament I would certainly have answered him”

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During an ABOP event in the Saramacca district, Vice President Ronnie Brunswijk remarked that if he had been in parliament, he would have undoubtedly responded. With this, he answers to remarks made about Brunswijk by VHP lawmaker Dew Sharman on Thursday in the legislature. Sharman stated that because Brunswijk is a statesman and vice president, he should set aside his admirable philosophy.

Sharman contends that Brunswijk must support the president and display leadership now that the populace is in need. And he should refrain from employing stage words and propaganda.

Brunswijk claimed that he overheard someone advise him to stop spreading misinformation and take a seat next to the president. Yet he has always understood from his military discipline that you must complete a task if you have one. He always follows the hierarchy’s rules when following the president of the nation’s directives. Although he doesn’t want to say much, Sharman is fortunate that he wasn’t in parliament because he would have immediately responded.

Brunswijk poses the rhetorical question: If he has little work to do and occasionally feels like saying nothing, what do you expect of him? What do you want him to do if the work he needs to complete is handled by a committee?

According to Brunswijk, there is nothing wrong with him starting propaganda after the president return from the Netherlands. He stays out of their political gatherings while they are taking place.

Brunswijk proclaimed to his audience that he is a leader and a child of the people. He will also be available anytime needed. He claimed that the ABOP’s expansion is a pain in many people’s body.

The party chief observes that Suriname is still in reach. The ABOP leader installed the district administration, the youth council, and the women’s council for Saramacca during this political gathering. The ABOP has received the backing of the well-dressed populace.

According to Brunswijk, his party does not consider race or ethnicity. The ABOP is not the flower paradise that people describe it as while pursuing a different goal. You can see everyone in his cabinet because he is aware that we must work together to complete the task. There is space in the yellow/black party for every Surinamer.










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