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Brunswijk: Country is developing too slowly

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The meeting that was held on Saturday in Welgelegen was addressed by ABOP chairman Ronnie Brunswijk. He is pleased with the new addition of members.

Vice President (VP)also ABOP chairman Ronnie Brunswijk is dissatisfied with the approach in which situations are being handled in the country. He finds that things needed to speed up because the rate at present is too slow. And the country needs to be developed at a much faster pace.

He stated that when the government took office, the exchange rate for the US dollar was SRD 7.50. Now it has reached SRD 27 for one dollar. This situation must change because the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. The politician care only about himself so people who need help should get it too.

Since the government took office on July 16, 2020, people have been visiting the VP in his office every day. Sometimes it seems like a mass meeting. But they go for help and where possible he immediately solves problems that have an urgent character. He is overwhelmed with sadness about the way things are going in the country. The retail prices are very high, and even though the price drops, the goods remain the same price.

Brunswijk noted that the battle will be fought in Paramaribo. He will draw the ABOP candidate list in Paramaribo. He plans to go door to door in all neighborhoods of Paramaribo, so that people can get to know him personally. He will take this opportunity to speak with the people personally. He wants the party to have more seats in order to help the poor. More and more people are joining his party and he is very enthusiastic about it.

The ABOP chairman noted that people who join the party have to live up to it. They are given the opportunity to do so. However, if people take positions they must be able to fulfill their duties. A director has to offer help to people, but everything seems to be an agony. Brunswijk announced that a few people in leadership positions will be replaced because they misrepresent the interests of the people and slow things down.









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