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Brunswijk and Somohardjo are opposed to election reform

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Ronnie Brunswijk, vice president and head of the ABOP, maintains that altering the electoral process is not a smart idea. The chairman of Pertjajah Luhur, Paul Somohardjo, is likewise opposed to the move but concurs with what the majority desires. The people should vote in a referendum to determine whether or not the current election system should be maintained, in his opinion. According to Brunswijk, the modification will only be advantageous to Paramaribo and Wanica. Every other district will deteriorate. For instance, he believes Nickerie will be able to drop back from 5 to 3 seats. He argues that there must first be substantial political backing.

On Saturday, the ABOP and the PL began their campaigns for the elections of 2025. The political leaders have declared that the parties will run in the elections united once more. The allocation of DNA seats in Nickerie has been covered by a number of speakers. According to one, PL needs to win at least two of the five seats in the upcoming election. Until the Rice district does not elect any NDP representatives. Mahinder Jogi (VHP) predicts that his party will keep the four seats and that PL/ABOP will take over the NDP seat. According to Jogi, this coalition is the most effective way to help the nation resolve its problems.

Regarding the amount of seats that may be obtained, Brunswijk is realistic. He has reiterated his opposition to changing the electoral system. He stated, “I told them that might be a dilemma. The partition of seats has been ruled by the Constitutional Court to be against both the law and international agreements. Additionally, the district borders are no longer there. “However, if you don’t take care, we won’t even be able to do it since we’ll disagree. NDP, ABOP, PL, and VHP all need to agree that you need 34 seats in order to proceed. We won’t participate in the elections if we can’t come to an agreement. A two-thirds majority in the National Assembly is required to alter the electoral rules.

Brunswijk continues, “I informed them that it is not good, that it is harmful to the population of the interior. “Speaking of affordable chairs. As a result, if Nickerie has five seats, there will now only be four or three. Right, the equality principle, do you see how that functions? Thoughts were held that they would only have an impact on the interior, however Suriname as a whole is affected. Wanica and Paramaribo are the only places where the change is profitable. Every other district is having an issue! They believed I had no comprehension of anything. Let them rapidly make the modification, then. I am awaiting their arrival.”

Somohardjo questions what the change’s proponents intend when they refer to a “just” system. He says, “I’ve been in politics for 50 years.” “Justice and injustice were not discussed. Everything was excellent. The election system cannot be changed, no faya mit’den dan den wan. Personally, I oppose changing the electoral law. Why? mainly because we are accustomed to this electoral law. No issues. NDP and NPS have consistently proved effective. “And then…”

He said, “If the majority wants change, then I bow.” But everyone must bow, not just Somohardjo, not only ABOP. Bring it to the people, then. There should be a vote. Let the populace decide whether to alter the electoral legislation. After that, we can discuss just change. Somohardjo has previously spoken in favor of a more impartial voting process. The PL and the ABOP also gave presentations about the reform in 2017 while the Bouterse administration was in power.







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