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Brunswijk: “ABOP will hold 9 seats in Paramaribo by 2025”

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The true war in the future elections in 2025, according to vice president and ABOP chairman Ronnie Brunswijk, will be fought in Paramaribo. He hopes to gain even more strength by relocating to Suriname’s capital. “ABOP will hold 9 seats in Paramaribo in 2025. Brunswijk exclaimed, “Because Paramaribo will rise for ABOP!,” last Saturday night at the installation of an ABOP working group in Albina. This working group is responsible for ensuring that the district begins to develop.

The leader of ABOP highlighted that as a former soldier, he is ready for anything and that he has developed a plan to lead the party in Paramaribo. “As a soldier you have to make a bomb and avoid the danger. Now we have done that,” said the Surinamese politician.

The ABOP currently has 8 seats in the National Assembly (DNA). With the list connection she entered into with the Pertjajah Luhur (PL) in the 2020 elections, the party can count on 10 seats.




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