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Bronto Somohardjo claims the Javanese have plans to harm his father and PL

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The secretary of the Pertjajah Luhur (PL) political party, Bronto Somohardjo, alleges that a group of Javanese is putting together a platform to oppose his father and the PL. He said that his intelligence agency had notified him of the group’s plans. He claims he is not afraid, though, and that he will confront them.

According to Somohardjo, his father has a strong personality, and attempts to get rid of him in the past have failed. He uses the events in Pendawalima as an illustration of how his father has encountered opposition from both the party and the PL itself.

He emphasizes that while this group is known for its deceitful and dishonest actions, his father is still working to help his followers escape their precarious situation and advance in society.

Recently, Father Paul Somohardjo became 80 years old. On that occasion, Vice President and ABOP Chairman Ronnie Brunswijk appealed for harmony within the Suriname-based Javanese community and designated the PL Chairman as the group’s unquestionable head.

The PL leader’s qualities were stressed by Brunswijk, who also urged party members to support the PL wholeheartedly in the run-up to the 2025 elections. He emphasized that it is a hard reality that all political parties have roots in particular ethnic groupings.

Somohardjo has advised his son Bronto not to worry about the platform aimed at bringing down the PL. Somohardjo’s wish is that the PL can become a major party again and thus exert more influence to improve the disadvantaged position of the Javanese community.







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