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Brokopono households are given compensation

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Families in Brokopondo who suffered losses as a result of flooding there last year will be compensated financially. The disbursement has begun by the government. It relates to a sum of SRD 3000 each month retroactively applied throughout a six-month period, from June/July to December. Per household, a total of SRD 18,000 will be paid.

A portion of the households have already received 25 percent (or SRD 4,500) of the total. The remaining sum, SRD 13,500, will be distributed in several portions. The budget also accounts for farmers. They will receive an SRD 50,000 one-time payment. The goal is for this group of businesspeople to resume their agricultural endeavors.

The payout included contributions from the Brokopondo Presidential Working Group for Development. Representatives of the district’s many sectors, including business owners, non-governmental groups, and the traditional authority of Brokopondo, make up the working group.

According to Sandino Ratling, the working group’s chairman, an inventory of the damage was first completed, and a plan of action was then developed using the data that was available. The villages in which the houses are located have also been mapped. Information gathered by the Staatsolie Maatschappij Suriname was also used. After feedback was provided to the President’s Cabinet, it was decided to pay out to homes first.

There is collaboration between the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, International Business, and International Cooperation as well as Finance and Planning (BIBIS). Due to the donations made by international organizations during the floods, comment to BIBIS was required. 200 households, according to Ratling, have registered. According to the Suriname Communications Service, he urges those who think they were similarly impacted by the flooding to register if they haven’t already.






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