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Brazil provides 50 domestic water purifying systems for interior

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The Brazilian government has donated 50 water filtration systems to Suriname, totaling more than 130,000 USD. Gonda Asadang, the director of water for the Ministry of Natural Resources (NH), and Minister Albert Ramdin of Foreign Affairs, International Business, and International Cooperation signed the transfer protocol. Jose Raphael Lopes Mendes de Azeredo, the Brazilian ambassador, was there when this occurred. On Monday, April 24, 2023, the gadgets were ceremoniously turned over to the Ministry of BIBIS.

Minister Ramdin emphasizes that Brazil’s assistance shows the two nations’ friendship, cooperation, and solidarity. The minister declared that the Brazilian government’s amazing gift is greatly appreciated and welcomed by the Surinamese government and people, particularly the Ministry of Natural Resources. He claims that the gesture is timely, particularly in light of the nation’s recent and extreme rains. Minister Ramdin is appreciative of the southern neighbor’s assistance in ensuring that everyone has access to safe water.

According to Ambassador Lopes Mendes de Azeredo, the donation marks the end of a program for the inland communities that were flooded last year. The villages will receive assistance from the Brazilian government in supplying their own clean drinking water. Mobile water purifying equipment now makes this possible for the local populace. 288 liters of water may be processed every day by one unit. The ambassador said that the gadgets have solar panels and are totally self-sufficient.

The daily requirements of about 20 persons will be satisfied, according to director Clifton Lienga of NV Surinaamsche Waterleiding Maatschappij (SWM), and 5,000 liters of water will be filtered every day. The equipment is primarily designed for interior locations with limited access to safe drinking water. The devices will be used in various locations, according to the SWM CEO, after they have been evaluated. The provision of safe drinking water for individuals in difficult-to-reach locations is one of the Sustainable Development Goals that he hopes this will also help to achieve.






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