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Brazil and Trinidad are potential partners for oil exploitation in Suriname

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To meet the energy needs of the population and the economy, the Caribbean region must be able to generate and utilize its own energy resources. President Chan Santokhi said this during the US-Caribbean Leaders Meeting in the Bahamas. He demanded that new energy producers in the area be given equal opportunities and that domestic and regional sustainable economic growth be supported.

In the meeting, Suriname made sure to make its perspective on energy security very clear, according to President Santokhi on Saturday. Guyana and Suriname are the two newest nations in terms of offshore oil and gas.

Both nations have made it clear that they shouldn’t be held to different standards when it comes to using their gas and oil reserves. He said that it should not be assumed that because other nations have made billions, they should now phase them out. Additionally, “We must be given a fair chance.”

The head of state has no issues with fossil fuels being phased out, but he thinks that alternative energy sources should be used as quickly as possible to reap the most benefits. On this, there exist agreements with Brazil. For instance, a group from Suriname will travel to the oil business in the neighboring nation following a Petrobras mission to Suriname in connection with the oil and gas conference. In addition to Brazil, collaborations in the field of oil and gas are also possible with Trinidad and Tobago





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