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Bouva: The price of gasoline has risen too high

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The acting NDP party leader, Melvin Bouva, thinks the price of gasoline has gone too far. He urged the government to maintain the current level of the price of gasoline and not allow it to rise any more in the National Assembly yesterday. You can be ambitious enough to veer off track, according to Bouva. You may think it’s ambitious to let the price of gas go, but everything has a limit, and we’ve already hit it. We cannot, will not, or wish to pay more. He thinks that many government officials find it challenging to understand because they are refueled for them. Bouva urged them to show support for the community and to recharge.

Bouva also inquired as to what transpired between March 28 and April 18, demonstrating the effectiveness of the actions taken to alter the trajectory. He made mention of the fact that since then, the price has only gone up. The US dollar must now be paid in excess of SRD 38, while the euro has surpassed SRD 40. Similarly, the cost of gasoline was approximately SRD 38 and is now over SRD 40. Petrol, according to Patricia Etnel (NPS), is essential for a nation’s development, although it is currently being adjusted to the market. She enquired as to what had become of the pay scales and retail prices.

Etnel added that the Minister of Economic Affairs, Entrepreneurship, and Technological Innovation can speak all she wants, but that without stable gasoline prices, she will be powerless to take any action. Etnel predicted that everything would keep rising since the system still lacks equilibrium. According to Edward Belfort (ABOP), the cost of gasoline was SRD 7 before the government entered power but is currently SRD 40 or more. He requested that the government inform the populace of the cost of the numerous excursions abroad that were fruitless. Minister of Finance and Planning Stanley Raghoebarsing only stated that the gasoline subsidy has to be eliminated in order to balance the budget without going into further detail about the queries and remarks.




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