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Bouva opposes repeated monthly fuel price rises

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During the budget debate, Melvin Bouva (NDP) voiced his opposition to the monthly hikes in fuel costs. Bouva noted that people make plans based on an increase that has been declared.

He thinks it’s impossible and improper for there to be multiple price rises in a single month. Bouva urged the administration to refrain from doing this and questioned its commitment to the well-being of society.

“It’s enough weight. On February 5th, we previously saw a rise, but it’s happened again. There shouldn’t be unchecked growth. At most, let it happen once every month. We are at our breaking point, Bouva stated.

He urged the government to take a more sensitive approach to these issues and to refrain from adding yet another increase to the population’s load. “Where are we headed? There must be a cap, the NDP member insisted.

The NDP leader, Rabin Parmessar, stated that the government shouldn’t act as though it is importing petroleum from Russia. He asserted that Suriname has a petroleum refinery of its own.

The leader of the NDP party questioned how mutual sales could exist since we have enough fuel and only hold 25% of the market. According to Parmessar, an investigation should be conducted so that society may make a fair payment.

Jennifer Vreedzaam (NDP) enquired about the government’s recommendation about the phase-out of the gasoline subsidy from the Minister of Natural Resources (NH). Peaceful questioned whether gasoline would still be provided to villages that are without electricity. She also made note of the social program’s temporary nature.

According to NH minister David Abiamofo, there will always be gasoline in the interior. He said that starting in December 2020, a specific construction will be employed, ensuring that the villages will always be supplied with fuel. According to Abiamofo, this is the first time in history that villages have received such long-term support.









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