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“Bouterse has meant a lot to this country,” said Parmessar

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Rabin Parmessar, the leader of the NDP party, tells the reporters that Bouterse has done a lot for the country especially when we discuss cooperation and solidarity among the various case groupings. In this final stage of the Bouterse from December 8, Parmessar wishes the judges great wisdom. Bouterse is not just any person, says Parmessar; he has made a significant contribution to this nation. Suriname has seen many changes, but one of the most crucial things we should keep in mind is the self-assurance of the Surinamese people. Since it is our country, we must set its course.

For Bouterse there was no question of harmony and unity between the different ethnic groups. People quickly forget that, says Parmessar. “Immediately after the change of government in 2020, another trend was noticeable. That’s not good, we don’t want the ethnic polarization. Bouterse’s leadership was always noticeable, even within the NDP itself. He has calmed everyone down,” said Parmessar. “The country is served by that and we hope to take that into account in the upcoming elections. The leaders have a great duty to keep the peace in society. Fair and transparent elections must be held, that is what Bouterse also gave us,” says Parmessar.




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