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Books are provided to IOL by the Bonaire Scholarship

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The School Community of Bonaire sent a cargo of Mathematics, Physics, Dutch, English, and Spanish textbooks to the Institute for the Education of Teachers (IOL). The books, which arrived with the military ship “De Pelikaan,” are intended for schools in Suriname, according to Melisa Venetiaan, director of the IOL.

As a result of the educational transition, which gives people a little more leeway in how they deliver instruction through engaging didactics, the books will also be distributed to all schools, according to Venetiaan. The books can be used during lectures, says the IOL director. She clarified how the instructional content can be used by the IOL. They appear to be especially helpful when planning lessons because activating didactics are so common.

The initiative was started by Merline Doelsaman, the coordinator of the mathematics program, who was able to connect with someone through someone who wished to donate the books to Suriname. It relates to 2500 books that can be used in secondary and mulo schools.

A recognized institution was required to clear the records, and the IOL director was ready to help. The direction coordinator claims that the books, which have a worth of 19,000 euros, may be utilised extremely effectively.





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