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Bond AZP requests payment of the bridging allowance by this afternoon

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DNA krijgt nieuwe vergaderzaal

De nieuwe vergaderzaal van de Nationale Assemblee en de daarbij horende ruimtes moeten volgens de bouwplanning, binnen een jaar staan op het terrein aan de Grote Combeweg en de Henk Arronstraat. Vi...

The Academic Hospital Paramaribo (ABPLAZ) union has issued an ultimatum to Minister Amar Ramadhin of Public Health. The union will take Thursday’s events into consideration if the bridging allowance is not paid today.

The government has not yet paid the transitional stipend as agreed upon with hospital unions. It seems that the workforce has not received the allowance since May. The minister stated that the Ministry of Finance is awaiting the payment of the allowance in response to a letter from ABPLAZ and in the media.

According to a report from the minister, the staff will also receive the purchasing power increase that has been awarded to the other national officials from the month of May. The staff also wants clarity on this. In a letter on Monday, ABPLAZ gave the minister an ultimatum until Wednesday to ensure that the bridging allowance is paid out.





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