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Board of BBS demands departure of service management;

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Om de gemeenschap een kijkje te geven achter de schermen van de werkzaamheden van het Nationaal Leger (NL), heeft het ministerie van Defensie een opendag georganiseerd. Op zaterdag 25 mei 2024 konden ...

On Thursday, the board of the Suriname Security and Assistance Service (BBS) was met by Justice and Police Minister Kenneth Amoksi. The board discussed the issues that the members are having during that conversation. What is known is that the members want the current service management to be removed because they no longer have faith in it.

Amoksi requests at least two weeks to organize things. According to the minister, it is about a structure and service management cannot be easily modified. The minister will consult with his specialists on Saturday to determine the best course of action. But a replacement is required. The employees are making that demand, according to Guillaume Coulor, the association’s chairman.

With the way services are managed currently, it is no longer feasible. Issues have frequently been brought up with the minister, but nothing has come of it. The union chief said that circumstances are now so bad that the ministry notices that the leadership is slipping up.

He claims that the organization’s and its members’ interests are not being represented. Employees who are eligible for promotion but whose affairs have previously been resolved are ineligible. Simply leave everything up to service management. The union chairman uses the phrase “yesterday when they heard that we would convene a meeting, documents were sent to the ministry” to illustrate how service management operates.

In comparison to other armed services, the pay for the staff is also very lacking.

The union will now let the members know about the meeting with Minister Amoksi during an urgent general membership meeting. Now it is up to the members to decide. It has been reported that the members want to allow the minister time to make things right in the meantime. It has been decided to adjourn the meeting till further notice.








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