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BEP requests a thorough examination of the incidents Pikin Saron

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The BEP has also taken note of the terrible incidents that occurred in Pikin Saron in the Para area and that even resulted in reports of fatalities and injuries. The BEP expresses sympathy to the family members and hopes the injured person recovers quickly. It must be made clear that we vehemently oppose all forms of violence. But in order to address and firmly resolve the root of this outpouring of violence, we must not lose sight of it. Therefore, the BEP urges an exhaustive investigation into the incident so that the full truth can be revealed.

Exponents of the BEP have been given the opportunity to take the lead in establishing the legal recognition of Indigenous and Tribal Peoples’ land rights because they are motivated by the party’s objectives. A draft law was prepared and submitted to DNA in April 2020 following a process that lasted more than 4 years (from 2016 to 2020) and involved consultation with Indigenous and Tribal people.

The Santokhi/Brunswijk government did not decide to finish that process when it took office in July 2020, but a member of the current coalition started to play politics with it by making land conversion a requirement for cooperation in the recognition in order to advance specific club interests.

The BEP calls for people to leave the path of political mishaps and to go for the common good. With this we will save our beloved country and people from excesses such as the sad events of Pikin Sharon. In short, solve the Land Rights issue and ensure that part of the revenues from natural resources flow back to the environment of occurrences.

Finally, we call on everyone to keep a cool head so that order and peace are guaranteed in Mama Sranan.






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