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Belfort: Asawini’s emergency passport case requires heads to roll

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According to Edward Belfort, an Abop legislator, Ronnie Brunswijk, the vice president, was aware that Asawini Edenburg was being held and might be expelled. I don’t hold the director of CBB responsible for ordering the creation of an emergency passport in Mrs. Asawini’s name. It has not been decided to provide passports through the Dutch embassy. According to Belfort, immigration offices are only permitted to offer assistance; they are not permitted to submit requests for the making of passports. Asawini shouldn’t, in theory, obtain an emergency passport because the Dutch embassy is nearby and she is Dutch.

According to Belfort, heads should roll and the Minister of Justice and Police is directly the person who should be held liable, because Immigration Affairs results under him. It can almost be said that Suriname has a bad governance that tends to crime. Belfort also does not believe the story that the vice president was unaware of the situation as he allegedly reported it to her, according to Asawini. “He was here in parliament with the Minister of Justice and Police, and they heard when I advised the woman’s lawyers to file a lawsuit as soon as possible. The next day, immediate action was taken to evict the woman. Not yet along the usual route, that would be Zanderij, she had also been told, but via Albina to French Guiana. If the vice president was not aware then how come he sent his daughter with money to that lady on the French side to buy clothes and food and he calls on that daughter’s phone there. You can always investigate a lie to see if it is actually based on the truth.”



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